Negligence In Automotive Law

Negligence refers to lack of common reason when operating a machine, among other things. A driver has to act accordingly, and they have to pay attention to their surrounding as any other individual that is a part of the traffic.

If someone’s actions deviate from what is commonly known as normal driving, and that causes an accident, then there is a good chance that you can sue them for negligence. You do have to suffer some form of injury to be eligible to sue them for compensation.


A professional attorney will tell you everything you need to know about that. But you can recognize negligence if you know what to look at. Some basic rules determine whether negligence caused an accident or not. Read about them in this post.

Different types of driver negligence

DUI aka driving under the influence is the most common type of oversight. Drunk drivers are the most common cause of car accidents all around the world.

Proving that the driver was drunk is easy if you call police as soon as the crash happens.

If they were drinking and driving, then the case against them will be rock-solid, and they will be found guilty on the charges of negligence. All of this applies to drugs as well. If the driver doesn’t have alcohol in their blood then demanding tests for drugs is next logical thing, as long as they are acting strangely.


You would win a negligence claim if the driver disobeyed traffic laws. This is, of course, if they cause an accident that can be connected with their act of breaking the law. Everything from running red lights to speeding falls under disobeying traffic laws when it comes to proving negligence.

Reckless driving is also one form of negligence. Now, the term reckless driving includes all types of driving that increase the risk of an accident. A lawyer can easily prove whether someone was driving recklessly by checking the police report and reading witness reports.

One way of being reckless is distracted driving. Any distraction that takes the drivers attention from the road can be a ground for a negligence claim.